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Murickens group An ISO 9001:2008 certified company introduces two registered brand name MG and Flyline with the motto of  power saving, low maintenance, competitive price and  with the aim of saving power by introducing/promoting solar based home appliances and lights. we play a precious role in real estate field to the extend of the  ultimate satisfaction of  the public .


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Murickens' Group  " The first kerala based mobile mortuary manufacturer." after  several days of research developed a dead body freezer having all modern facilities and International technology to Preserve Bodies for number of days at home till the arrival of relatives and well-wishers. Its top and sides are made up of Acrylic sheet  12 mm thickness to view the body very clearly from all of the angles.  A light  is fitted in the mortuary  for easy visibility during night and in poor light during the day. This will automatically glow  after sensing poor light.  Acrylic sheet is less in weight, hence, making it easy to lift. An external generator is provided due to which  power failure is not a problem. Even after one week the body looks like as it is. Consumption of power is very low. MG Mobile Mortuary can be carried easily and adjust in a vehicle.    

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MG DEEP FREEZERS: - Murickens' Deep freezers are prepared and produced in our Research and Development department  with latest technology.  Design and capacities depend upon the customer's need. Our freezers are 100 to 600 liters capacity i.e. one door, two door, three door, four door etc. These freezers have various storage capacities. A single freezer can be used for different purpose like preserving meat, fish, cool drinks and milk with very low power consumption. It is most suitable for medical field for preserving medicines, as a blood bank etc. because it can maintain the temperature upto -30o deg. C. This is fitted on a solid metal wheel so that we can easily shift it as per our convenience. Muricken's Group extends our service even after expiry of warranty period at a nominal fee.

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MG WATER COOLERS: -  Muricken's Water Coolers offer an endless supply of crystal clear, filtered drinking water, giving tea and coffee a much better taste. Main water is transformed as it passes through renowned Muricken's purifier system housed within the filter, which also reduces permanent hardness in the water and so reduces the build up of scale. Find out more about the filtration system used in our coolers. We can deliver quickly and installation takes minutes. Our coolers are plugged into a standard electrical socket and the coolers are simply connected to the nearest main water feed, with no need for any complex plumbing. If, at any time you choose not to use the system,  it can be easily being removed with no hassle at all. You can rest assured that there are no hidden costs. We have a comprehensive range of water coolers and products that are suitable for many needs in addition to water cooler servicing, sanitization and support. We provide free installation with or without regular servicing and sanitization. 

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MG AIRCONDITIONERS: - Muricken's Air Conditioning can be described as a process in which the temperature, humidity, quality and distribution of the air in the environment is controlled.  There are two specific reasons for the use of the air conditioner. Comfort, when the weather is humid and hot air is cooled during warmer months.
When it comes to cooling a room, one of the most important considerations is how the air circulates. As a general rule, in order for a room to remain comfortably cool, a sufficient volume of air must be circulated at all times. This allows both the moisture to be drawn into the air conditioner and absorbed from the room, and also removes any moisture and heat surrounding the occupants of the room, allowing them to remain comfortable. Both central air conditioners and smaller, window-mounted or wall-mounted room air conditioners are designed not only to carry away moisture and heat, but also to circulate air. Split air conditioners are available with Muricken's Group. Supply high quality A C with very competitive price.

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FLYLINE DLX ANALOG INVERTER: - Fly Line DLX Analog Inverter is an electronic generator system which is specially designed by some modern electronic components. In this operational amplifier we can also say it is an inverting amplifier depending upon some basic transistor configuration principles. During power failure Analog Inverter provides power supply with the help of a battery which is already charged before the power failure. Within micro seconds this device converts stored DC Voltage into 240V AC so as to run all of the house hold appliances as well as office equipments.

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FLYLINE OFF LINE UPS: - This Uninterrupted Power Supply tracks the mains supply in terms of Voltage and Frequency variations. Once the incoming mains supply exceeds the specified limitations, the Uninterrupted Power Supply switches on the Inverter to continue to supply power to the required load. This is an inverter which switches on in a few milliseconds, whereas, it takes a longer time in UPS. This is commonly used in computers and other valuable equipments which needs a continuous flow of energy.

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SOLAR WATER HEATERS: - Use MG solar water heater and avoid all headaches of Electric Hazards, Control Pollution and is favorable in all respects, it saves the Environment by keeping it clean and green and saves the nation and your pocket. There are two types of water heaters. One is FPC and the other is ETC model comparing with these two models FPC is more reliable, long life, maintenance free and above all the main attraction is we get hot water of upto 80°C on normal sunny day than ETC model which produces upto approx. 40oC. 

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FLYLINE DUAL UPS AND INVERTER: - We have developed a 2-in-1 electronic device known as Dual Inverter which acts as an UPS and as well  an Inverter. It saves money and space than other inverters as there is no need of extra space for installation as it is single machine. This is prepared in such a manner that it works as an UPS and as a compatible inverter when power supply fails. This is a very important equipment where instruments like computers are installed.

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MG SERVO STABILIZER: - Our Servo Voltage Stabilizer can overcome and control Heavy Voltage fluctuations, lightning and thunder and can provide you required Output voltage with a load sensing circuit installed in it, so it transforms desired output voltage and protects  your costly equipments and machines from heavy damage. So, the Servo Stabilizer is also called a complete guard of electronic circuits and equipments.            

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Nowadays installing full solar power generating systems initial cost is high. But by using our  inverter we can postponed installation of solar panel and connect it when anyone can manage the cost to connect solar panel for getting power and till then we can use it by the help of AC Supply.

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SINE WAVE SOLAR UPS STANDALONE ( Three in one system )

Is the time for built up a power house on your home. No need of external grid power and no power cuts. Murickens are professional manufacturer of Flyline off-grid sinewave solar inverters. The products are integrated with controllers, also are applicable for wind/solar hybrid power systems. An ideal solar and wind energy converting device for the best for smooth working of AC equipment like TV, lights, Fan, Mixi, a/c washing mission ,fridge .computer and commercial use .We installed and proved its benefits in kerala market since 2000.

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Flyline Solar or wind energy charging controller, which regulate and control the power coming from solar panel and wind to a constant level. Normally a 12 v solar panel producing up to 17 to 18 volt in peak time. Most of the full charged battery have 14 to 14,5 voltage .

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Flyline Solar Advertisement Board LED lights is most popular by using it in advertisement media like displaying luminary concealed advertisement boards.  It consisting a solar module, tubular battery, charging controller and light emitting diodes (LED) and functioning automatically.

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FLYLINE SINE WAVE INVERTER: Muricken's Group has developed a Sine Wave Inverter with the  aim of saving power. Today, we cannot live without a computer, so people are compelled to buy an  inverter to light up there dream, as thy need to work their computer.  In market different kinds of models in UPS are available, but, they are not upto the mark, hence,  we lose lot of our valuable time waiting for the electricity.  

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FLYLINE STEP UP TRANSFORMER: Which is simple system used for boosting line Voltage for the smooth functioning of electronic equipments, which, needs a Standard Voltage of 200V to 240V. We have wide range models too.  

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FLYLINE ON LINE UPS - This system is basically a double conversion system. In this system, the Mains power is first converted to DC voltage of appropriate value and fed to the inverter that converts it back to AC power. Thus, in this system, the load is always powered by the inverter. The battery is connected to the DC bus. Thus, this is truly a No-Break system. The load being totally isolated from the Mains power.         

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FLYLINE SOLAR UPS:- An UPS is an option available for any solar energy system. This will provide you with continuous energy during blackouts. The Uninterrupted Power Supply usually contains batteries or be used in conjunction with batteries.

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FLYLINE SOLAR WAY LIGHT & DC SOLAR HOME SYSTEM:- Portable Solar DC Power is ideal for providing electrical power and light for remote homes, emergency power, disaster relief, camping, boating and anywhere you need power on-demand with no fuel-costs, no cabling or pollution.

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FLYLINE STABILIZER: -These stabilizers used by a circuit composed of a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor to produce a nearly constant average output with a varying input. Older designs of transformers had an output with high harmonic content, leading to a distorted output waveform. Modern devices are used to construct perfect stabilizers.   

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FLYLINE STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER: - It is source to operate imported domestic or commercial equipments at 110V as Indian Standard Volt is 240V. We have developed lower and higher capacity transformers. Step-Down Transformer is a device which has its Secondary Voltage less than its Primary Voltage. This transformer reduces Voltage.

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FLYLINE SOLAR EMERGENCY LAMP:- Solar lanterns are best and less expensive way to lead you during darkness during the day or at night. There are two types of Solar Emergency Lamps. One is the LED type and the other is CFL type. LED type gives us bright light upto 15 hours continuously, it is Very Compact and has  Single Switch to operate.

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FLYLINE TUBULAR BATTERY:- Made with international standards and advanced specialized battery technology, standard tubular, tubular heat sealed, EL and INVA tubular models. Our range finds extensive application in Educational Institutions, Electrical & Electronic Industries, Telecommunication and other Corporate Sectors. We ensure raw materials used in our range are of high quality in terms of durability and resistance to various environmental conditions. Thus, we are capable of offering these products with the latest technology which can match International Standard. 

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FLYLINE AUTOMOTIVE INVERTER: - It is a reliable pure Sine Wave UPS for trouble free use of Audio and Video Systems in all kinds of Automobiles. The strict management system of production, with, modern assembly lines ensures the quality of the product. The products have complete specifications, which are aimed at different International Standards.

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FLYLINE DTH SYSTEMS: In the recreation field, there are number of DTH companies which are competing with international channels and pay channels on rental basis. The monthly rent is depending up on their package of channels. In India Doordarshan started DTH services with an entirely different aspect. As a free of cost regional channels service to the people of the Nation, some of them are competing with international channels.

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We entered in business since 1975.Real estate Kerala" the first free listing web portal with thousands of property details in different districts of Kerala and other States like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu etc., with the category of house with land, residential land, commercial building with land, Kerala estate, Kerala flat, resort and hotels, low cost land, immediate sale land, especially, in various districts of Kerala like Alapuzha, Ernakulam, Idukki, Kannur, Kasargod Kollam, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Mallapuram Palakad, Pathanamthitta, Thiruvanathapuram, Thrissur and Vayanad Districts and out of the State of Kerala.

Our Head Office is situated in Kaduthuruthy which is situated in the Northern Part of Kottayam District. Our Branches are in Nattakom (Kottayam), Palarivattom (Ernakulam), Pandalam (Pathanamthitta) and Representatives at Mumbai and USA.    


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